“With its curved blade mimicking a tiger’s claw, the karambit was developed as part of the southeast Asian martial discipline of silat. The knife is typically used with a reverse grip, with the finger ring on the index finger.”


The Karambit of the brand JARL (Inspired by the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is the best choice to start a collection without breaking the bank. This Karambit is equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade of first quality, and an ABS fiberglass handle, making them a product of excellent quality! Thanks to its ring and a properly distributed weight you can even practice using the Karambit, we advise you however to wear protections!


Knife type: Karambit

Skin: Brushed metal | (Painting) 3D printing | (Painting) Thermal Transfer | Laser engraving

Blade: Fixed | 420 Stainless steel | Sharp

Handle: Black | ABS (Fiberglass)


Knife’s length: 20cm

Blade’s Length: 9cm

Weight: 110gr


Box: Custom ©JARL Box (Coming Soon)

Protection: Plastic sheath with drawcord

Maintenance: Micro-Fiber (Coming Soon)


The karambit is said to have originated from the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws of the tiger. Like most weapons in the region, it was originally an agricultural tool designed to rake roots, harvest threshing and plant rice.

European accounts say that Indonesian soldiers were armed with a kris at the waist or back and a spear in their hands, while the karambit was used as a last resort when the other weapons of the fighter were lost in action. Nevertheless, he was popular among women who tied the weapon into their hair for use in self-defense. The famous Bugis warriors from Sulawesi were famous for their embrace of the karambit.

Today, it is one of the main silat weapons and is commonly used in Filipino martial arts.

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