Huntsman Knife

« A knife designed for modern tactical uses, the blade is well suited for a range of both combat and utilitarian needs. The unique Tanto point allows for maximum penetration through even the toughest of surfaces. »


The Huntsman Knife of brand JARL (Inspired by the video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) is a great choice to enhance your collection with a bigger knife. This Huntsman is equipped with a sharp stainless steel blade of first quality, and a reinforced fiberglass ABS handle, making them a product of excellent quality! Its ergonomic handle will bring you a very good grip. Its notched blade and Tantō end (as for Katanas), as well as its weight make it a very good survival knife, think of protective gloves!


Knife Type: Huntsman Knife

Skin: Brushed metal | (Painting) 3D printing | (Painting) Thermal Transfer | Laser engraving

Blade: Fixed | Full Tang | 420 Stainless steel | Sharp

Handle: Black | ABS (Fiberglass)


Knife’s length: 28cm

Blade’s length: 16cm

Weight: 320gr


Box: Custom box

Protection: Case – Custom made fabric sheath with belt attach

Maintenance: Micro-Fiber (Coming Soon)


The first knives made of stone, flint or obsidian in particular, in the form of raw shards, are dated to about 25,000 years ago. At that time, the knife is used as a tool as well as a weapon. Since the Bronze Age, the knives are made of metal and are for the first time equipped with a handle. The materials used to make the knives evolved as the mastery of metallurgy. Thus, the first stainless steel knives were produced in the United States in 1921. Quenching techniques make the metal harder and stronger, allowing thinner and sharper blades.

The term « survival knives » was originally used to designate the survival baggage’s knives that are distributed to military aircrew and that have tools for crews to survive in the wild in the event of an incident. These knives could take a variety of shapes ranging from folding knives to large machetes. The knives included in the survival packages have been commercially available hunting knife models or knife adaptations more often than specific designs. Survival knives were widely popularized in the 1980s by the film Rambo, to the point that for the general public the term « survival knife » has almost become synonymous with large straight knife with hollow handle and saw back.

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