Shadow daggers

« Designed for efficient brutality, using a push dagger is as simple as throwing a punch or two. »


The Shadow Daggers (or Push Dagger) brand JARL (Inspired from video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) are a very good choice to make your collection a little more unusual and original. In addition to being affordable, the Shadow Daggers are not ordinary and always do their little effect once in hand. These Shadow Daggers are equipped with cutting edge blades of the highest quality and an ergonomic handles, made entirely of stainless steel, making them a product of excellent quality! You can even train to perform different tricks like those of the game, we advise you however to wear protections!

Shadow Daggers of quality available in different designs (Develop and adapt by us.), Thanks to several techniques of printing skins.


Knife type: Shadow Daggers

Skin: Brushed metal | (Painting) 3D printing | (Painting) Thermal Transfer | Laser engraving

Blade: Fixed | 420 Stainless steel | Sharp

Handle: Colorful | Steel


knife Length: 14cm

Blade’s Length: 9cm

Weight: 170gr (2x85gr)


Box: Custom box

Protection: Case – Custom made fabric sheath with belt attach

Maintenance: Micro-Fiber (Coming Soon)


The Push Daggers are originate from the Indian subcontinent and would in principle be related to the Indian Katar of the 16th century. However, the Katar is grasped by two vertical bars close together, while a Push dagger uses a T-handle.

In nineteenth-century America, the knife was adopted in all areas of life as a defensive weapon and an everyday object. Politicians wore them in state and federal buildings, even the US Capitol. Before the development of reliable small pistols such as the derringer, the Push daggers was particularly popular among motorboat racing bettors and residents of the big cities of Old South West.

It was a common weapon in New Orleans during the 1800s, it was usually slipped into a boot or concealed inside a sleeve or hung on a vest button by a strap attached to the leather sheath of the knife. The Push Dagger was used in so many riots, fights and killings in New Orleans that the city passed an ordinance in 1879 prohibiting anyone within the city limits from selling, offering or exposing such a weapon . It was also very popular in San Francisco, California in the 19th century, but also in Britain and Europe, especially in Germany, where it was called Stoßdolch or Faustmesser, meaning « dagger » and « fist ».

The weapon was allegedly introduced in the mid-1800s by foreign sailors visiting the ports of northern Germany. Daggers continued to be sold in Britain and Europe until the end of the nineteenth century, when the development of police forces combined with the arrival of small, cheap firearms significantly reduced sales and the usage of daggers and other knives. The Push daggers was found during the First World War, which created a need for close combat weapons for use in trenches. It is also found during the Second World War within the special forces.

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